Your Story + Our Jewelry = Magic

Hi there,

We’re excited to see your performance branding creative - videos that drive acquisition for brands. Because this is a fairly new way to work with brands, we put together a cheat sheet with examples. If you have questions, please reach out to me!

It includes:

  • Creative Guides
  • Examples of Great Videos
  • Instructions on what to do with your content when ready

Can we be frank with you for a moment? While our jewelry is fun and beautiful, the jewelry itself is not the end goal.

Customers want them because of how it makes them FEEL and how it will become part of THEIR story.

So, the most important thing with your content is YOUR story and being, well, you.

We chose you because you’re authentically and creatively YOU. That’s the most important part with your content.

If your content is not truly you then it just doesn’t work for our audience, us and, obviously, you!

So, THE most important part: Just be yourself :)

With Love,

Jrny Jewelry


Video Content Checklist:

  • Talk about how the jewelry relates to you and your story.
  • Wear the jewelry. Flaunt it. Show the photo inside. React to it. Talk about it. The more footage the better.
  • Record your video in a natural setting with good lighting.
  • Include a selfie photo with you, the jewelry and or family/pets.

Our Ask:

You’ve shown real talent in creating content. We’re excited to see what you can do. Here is our Ask:

  • Please make sure video is VERTICAL.
  • Video duration: 30 - 60 seconds.
  • Create your video within 48 hours of receiving your package.
  • Use the checklist below
  • You’re not required to post this on your profile, although we won’t stop you :)
  • Upload your video content here

 Jrny's Personalized Jewelry

Product Description

Whether it's the people you love, pets you bond with or places you visit... Your journey is meaningful and worth embracing closely.

Let us engrave your favorite photo inside our jewelry so that you can express your love in a way that is uniquely you.

Content Ideas

Include family members, friends or pets in your skit.

  • Besties/friends
  • Unbiological sister (step sibling)
  • Mother-in-law
  • Gift to daughter/mother/grandmother
  • Anniversary
  • Engagement
  • Pet memorial

Tell Your Story

Whether it's an anniversary gift, present for your daughter, your new mother-in-law or remembering your fur baby - sharing your personal story is what makes it amazing.

Guides to go Viral:

  • Be genuine and be yourself - think of this as a vlog. You’re talking to your friend; your friend just happens to be the camera. Don’t overthink it. Really.
  • It's okay to get emotional! Showing your raw feelings makes your content authentic and engaging.
  • Be authentic in your explanation. Did you really like all the features? If not, say it. Explain what you truly liked and didn’t. Audiences can tell if you’re being real or not. We don’t want them to second guess you. If you like something add a casual “Oooh, i luuv that” to the experience. Not everything needs to be on script.
  • Go over your feelings of this brand/product as they relate to YOU. Don’t just read off the Product Cheat Sheet but rather explain why they’re important to you.
  • Try to create a genuine interaction in the video. In this example you’ll see Sarah’s boyfriend talk from behind the camera at around the 40 second mark. However, you are also encouraged to use your iPhone on selfie mode and record it yourself! Whatever makes you most comfortable.
  • Clothing wise - bright colors always do well, unless you’re known for wearing all white or all black.
  • Within the first 3 seconds, make sure you’re engaging the audience with a smile and product usage. No more than 10 seconds in, the viewer should know exactly what the product is and what’s ahead in the video.
  • Don't be afraid to have one or two things “off” in your video. Not everything should look perfect, that’s not how life works!

Examples of Great Videos:

     Why this works:

    • Heartfelt, emotional video that tells a story (Gift to GF). Multiple scenes keeps the viewer engaged throughout the video.

    Uploading Content - Logistics

    Once you’ve got the video content, upload the unedited version of your clip(s) to this folder/ link. Don’t worry about background music, text overlay or filters on your clips if you’re not comfortable with that. Our team can take care of it :)

    Then email or DM us back so we can review your content. Include any questions you have. Usually, once the content is uploaded, we’re all set. In some cases, we may request edits or tweaks if there are mistakes or changes we need.


    Intellectual Property

    Creator (you) gives Jrny Jewelry the irrevocable, worldwide right and permission to use any work product or other social media posts, video, photo, recordings, hashtags, designs, written or verbal content Influencer shares or provides related to the Services in any manner, in whole or in part, and for any purpose in any and all media, including and without limitation, on Jrny Jewelry owned or controlled websites and platforms, social media, any advertising materials, publications, marketing materials, and/or presentations, and in any and all other media, in perpetuity.